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GW2: Heart of Thorns (DE)
GW2: Heart of Thorns (SE)

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EVE Online 1 PLEX
EVE Online 2 PLEX
Guild Wars 2 2000 Gems
PSN Card BE € 20
PSN Card BE € 50
PSN Card NL € 20
PSN Card NL € 50
PSN Plus BE 365
PSN Plus BE 90
PSN Plus NL 365
PSN Plus NL 90
Star Wars: TOR (60 Day)
WoW Pre-paid Game Card
Xbox 360 Live Gold 1 mnd
Xbox 360 Live Gold 12 mnd
Xbox 360 Live Gold 3 mnd
Xbox Live Gift Card 25 euro
Xbox Live Gift Card 50 euro

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Diablo 3
Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls (PC)
EVE Online Starter Pack
LOTRO: Helms Deep Premium
Norton Internet Security (1 PC)
Rift: Planes of Telara CE
StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm
StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty
World of Warcraft Battlechest
World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor





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WildStar (Standard Edition)

WildStar (Standard Edition) WildStar infuses amazing stylised art with the latest technology to create a stunning visual experience. Set on a wondrous alien world, WildStar delivers a wild and mysterious adventure among the ruins of an advanced civilisation — allowing you to play the way you want to play while experiencing an unprecedented level of exploration and discovery!

Fire up your starship and set the course to Nexus! The legendary homeworld of the long lost Eldan civilisation has just been discovered and everyone in the galaxy is blazing a trail to the planet to uncover its many secrets. The powerful interstellar empire known as the Dominion has claimed Nexus and all of its treasures, declaring war on the renegade Exiles who now call the planet their home. But as the war for control of Nexus heats up, an evil force is reawakened… turning this epic adventure into the ultimate fight for survival.

Planet Nexus ain’t for the faint of heart, so strap on your boots, charge your lasers and sharpen your swords! Choose from one of many unique classes, using skill-based abilities and combat mechanics to defeat a stunning array of the most dangerous creatures and enemies in the galaxy. Looking for an even bigger challenge? Then jump into PvP battlegrounds, dungeons and epic raids, putting your combat skills to the ultimate test!

Nexus is one of the most mysterious and dangerous planets in the entire universe, and you just decided to make it your new home. On the plus side, there are ancient ruins, mystical forests and unexplored moons just waiting to be conquered! On the down side, most of those places are inhabited by cybernetically-enhanced monstrosities, frightening beasts and hostile alien races! The fun never ends!

Remember! This is your adventure, so pick a Path and play the way you wanna play! Along with your class, you can choose to be a Soldier, Scientist, Settler or Explorer - each with its own unique content and special rewards designed to fit your particular playstyle. So whether you’re planting a flag, building a starport, climbing a mountain or studying weird extra-terrestrial critters, your Path creates a unique experience that is all your own!

De Standard Edition van WildStar bevat de volgende extra's:

Voor dit spel is een abonnement vereist om te kunnen blijven spelen. De pre-paid time cards zijn verkrijgbaar in de varianten 30 dagen en 60 dagen.

Er is ook een WildStar Deluxe Edition verkrijgbaar met enkele waardevolle extra's.

Adviesprijs: € 44,99
Onze prijs: € 24,99 (je bespaart: 44 %)

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